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Transparency is key when discussing sustainability, and therefore I wanted to include a breakdown of my sustainable practises at Had Davies, and also share some areas that I am continually looking to improve on. 


Many of my garments and accessories are made from second hand textiles, sourced from local charity shops and vintage stores. Where the composition of these fabrics is known, it will always be listed in the individual item descriptions. Because of the nature of buying second hand, the fabric composition information is not always available to me, and therefore you may see 'unknown composition' in some item descriptions. Some of my second hand fabrics may contain polyester, which is not a sustainable fibre itself, however I think it is more sustainable to give these materials a second life and extend their life span when possible, rather than letting them be discarded.  

Some of my pieces are made from new materials, all of which have been carefully sourced as locally as possible, and exclusively use 100% natural fibre fabrics (cotton, bamboo, linen, etc). This will also be clearly listed in each item description. 

I also operate a zero waste production system, meaning every scrap of fabric is saved and remade/repurposed into something new. Many of my pieces are made using patch working techniques, to combine small scraps of fabric together to create a new textile.

For specific information on how each piece was made, please see individual item descriptions



Every item in my shop comes packaged completely plastic free. Your order will come wrapped inside recycled tissue paper, inside a paper mailer or cardboard envelope/box. All of the items in my packaging are paper based and can be easily recycled at home or reused once your item arrives. My stickers and tape are both plastic free too, so don't need to be removed before recycling. 



Nobody is perfect, and there will always be things I need to change/improve and therefore I am constantly sourcing more sustainable alternatives.

My biggest challenge is finding zips that are not made from polyester. This is something I am continually searching for and trying to improve. I am also looking into sourcing some natural rubber elastic for our hair scrunchies.

Thank you for taking your time to read this, and I hope it clearly explains the steps I am taking to ensure my impact on the environment is as small as possible.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at

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