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Each of my pieces are made carefully and consciously in my Shrewsbury based studio, where I use a combination of second hand and natural fibre fabrics, bringing new life to old materials. Everything is created with so much care and attention to detail, making the most of every textile. Many of my pieces are made entirely from my own scrap fabrics - offcuts created in the construction of my garments. Here at Had Davies, even the tiniest of scraps are saved and made into something new, using various processes, such as patchwork, to create new textiles from waste. 

I'm a firm believer that sustainability and style can go hand in hand, and therefore all of my designs are created with the aim to bring fun to the every day, through bold colour combinations, playful shapes and most importantly, comfy clothing.

When I'm not in my studio stitching together something beautiful, I can usually be found rummaging through charity shops for new second hand fabrics, or curled up watching a crime drama with my favourite people (my cats).

My brand was born in 2019 whilst in my first year at college. It started in the form of an Etsy shop, selling linocut prints and pin badges (and originally with a different name) as something to do in my free time, teaching myself to sew and design patterns in the process. When I left college early in March 2020 (thank you pandemic!), I had every intention of going to uni like my friends, but during my time off I launched my first clothing collection and never really looked back.

I took my little business full time in January 2021 and have been non-stop creating since, experimenting with different ideas and styles until we got to here! I've had some amazing experiences along the way, from attending various local markets, creating 200 pieces for a local shop, and even having my pieces stocked in John Lewis as part of the Curated Makers Pop-Up shop in 2022. 
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